Start Your Mortgage Loan Paperwork Now


Banks are demanding more and more paperwork and becoming very particular when it comes to mortgage loans.

Here’s a list of what they’ll need from you.

* Bank Statements, at least 90 days.
* Loan Statements
* Credit Card Statements
* W-2 Forms (or Business Tax Returns) for the last 3 years
* Brokerage Account Statements (the last two to four years)
* Tax Returns for the past two to three years
* Most Recent Pay Check Stubs
* Addresses for the past seven years
* Retirement account statements for the last 12 months

Consider collecting these documents as soon as possible and look closely at them each month. Keeping a sharp eye on your financial status will help you to reduce your debt-to-income ratio and will help you save for the down payment.

Lastly, always use a Licensed Realtor. At Select Estates Florida, we are committed to helping you Buy, Sell, Rent and Manage Vacation
Rental Homes, Investment Homes and Residential Homes, since 1991.

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